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Team Building Training Programs

team building - people working successfully together in a corporate team building program Team building training is a valuable program for employees when a new team is being formed, when a new member(s) is joining an existing team, when the current team is experiencing tension, conflicts and/or general confusion and ineffectiveness. Our experience is that most employees want to work effectively with their colleagues. The team building program provides critical information with rapid application about how teams work best and provides the opportunity for the team members to craft agreements and understandings so that they can reach their business goals in a more effective and satisfactory manner.

Team building training programs most often begin with a needs assessment. Needs assessment meetings are interviews with employees and managers that focus on gaining knowledge of the issues first hand. The information gathered in these meetings allows Alliance Consulting to develop team building training programs that focus on relevant needs. A department may need a series of meetings to establish direction and/or to address barriers, solve problems, and establish more effective procedures to become a more productive and profitable team.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI is frequently used for team building. The MBTI is a reliable instrument where employees gain quick insight into their individual personality styles as well as the personality preferences of their colleagues. This knowledge is used to help a team solve problems effectively, make better decisions, delegate responsibilities effectively and work more effectively with one another.

Corporate Team Building Program

Corporate team building programs are created by Alliance Consulting to meet a variety of goals. One type of team building program helps executives and managers to identify where pathways of communication are blocked and to establish clear objectives for all levels of management to work in a seamless manner towards the organization's goals. A corporate team building program may be developed for a specific purpose and have a pre-determined time to accomplish the team's objectives, or the team may be long term committees or work groups that can greatly benefit from knowing how to work as a team. Finally, corporate team building programs are also developed for increasing the effectiveness and performance of inter and intra departmental communications and productivity.

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