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Personality Types (MBTI)

personality styles - types - mbti - young woman standing, leaning over and working on laptop Every day we interact with people with different personality types who approach things differently. These differences can cause conflict, stress, and breakdowns in communication. This results in loss of productivity and lower worker morale.

Sometimes we even wonder "Are You Trying to Annoy Me on Purpose?™"

Alliance provides training programs to managers and employee groups to help increase understanding and reduce tensions by learning more about personality types. The training identifies what motivates a person and what gives a person satisfaction at work. We all have preferred ways to function in the work place. This training helps employees not to interpret another's actions as personal attacks but rather see that co-workers are operating from their own personal preferences in making decisions and organizing their work day.

Once employees complete the training they have new insights to address needs and differences that lead to better decisions, higher productivity, and a more positive work environment.

We use various inventories including the MBTI to increase understanding of personality types.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI measures a person's preferred way to take in information, to make decisions, and whether he/she is oriented to the inner world of ideas or the outer world of objects and people. This is the most widely used personality profile instrument; it has been translated into over two dozen languages; and its application is useful in all kinds of work settings.

The MBTI is used most frequently to help an individual to gain greater understanding of one's preference and to better understand personality differences in others. When teams of employees learn more about the four areas of preference, differences among colleagues are reduced significantly. The MBTI can help them (and their managers) to learn about their fellow co-workers and gain greater insight and understanding as to a person's motivation and behavior.

Although one may find a similar inventory on the World Wide Web, the consultants at Alliance are qualified to administer and to interpret the MBTI for an individual and/or groups of employees. The use of a professional MBTI consultant significantly diminishes the risk that the information will be misused (e.g. pigeon hole people) and/or be interpreted incorrectly.

Contact Alliance Consulting to learn more about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI and how it can increase an individual's understanding of one's self and others, reduce conflict among co-workers, help managers be better motivators and leaders of employees.

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