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meeting facilitation and group facilitation in board rooms pictured here Facilitation services are essential in meetings where several strategies are being considered. Facilitation will assure that all points of view and their merits are discussed so that decisions made will result in successful outcomes. A Facilitated Process will assist the group in meeting the critical needs that have been identified and increase buy in for the implementation stage.

When Do You Need Meeting Facilitation?

Meeting facilitation is beneficial when a director or manager needs to be involved with his/her employees in formulating direction, setting goals, and/or addressing an organizational challenge. In these cases facilitation services can be so valuable. The facilitator helps the group achieve its goals and allows the director or manager to be a full and equal participant in the process.

Boards of Directors often contract with Alliance Consulting to engage meeting facilitation services for development or redefining the mission statement, setting annual goals, or when dealing with controversial issues that require an impartial facilitator. In each situation the facilitation process enables all views to be presented evenly for discussion with less emotional attachment.

Group Facilitation Goals

The goals of group facilitation are generally predefined before the meeting. The following is a sample outline of a meeting facilitation or group facilitation process:

  • Introductions
  • Overview of meeting goals
  • Comments from the group on the goals to gain agreement and additional input
  • Redefinition of the goals if appropriate
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Prioritizing the results
  • Gaining consensus on the priorities
  • Further definition and clarification of established priorities
  • Assignment of responsibility to accomplish of various action items
  • Timetables for accomplishment
  • Establishing next steps and the next meeting time

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