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Communication Skills Development Results in
Effective Communication

effective communication skills development - results in people effectively communicating and more productive Information drives business. How effective the communication process is when forwarding information greatly affects productivity. The emphasis of our communication skills training is for the participants to learn the common styles of communicating and learn what types of communication work best in different situations. Participants will be expected to practice and utilize these newly acquired skills and apply the critical components of effective communication.

Effective Communication Skills Program

The communication skills program includes the following components

  • Analysis of communication styles: Identify what types of commumication work best in different situations
  • How to Communicate to Achieve Results
  • The Essentials in Giving and Receiving Constructive/Critical Feedback
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace: Critical Communication Skills for Today's Managers
  • Managing Organizational Change Effectively
  • Emotional Intelligence Inventory - EQ I

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