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EAP: Employee Assistance Programs

eap - confidential employee assistance programs - man's torso writing on notebook When an employee faces a personal problem, productivity can suffer. Referring this employee to the EAP allows the manager to focus on performance issues while the EAP specialist helps the employee address and resolve his/her personal problems.

Additionally, when an employee identifies and resolves a personal problem with the guidance of the EAP, his or her productivity and overall quality of life improve.

Critical Incident Debriefing

Critical Incident Debriefing (CID) services are used when an organization is faced with an event that has significantly impacted the employees and their ability to function effectively at work. Examples of this may be a robbery or the sudden death of a coworker. The goal of Critical Incident Debriefing is to help employees return to their former level of job performance.

Alliance Consulting has received advanced certification to provide CID services. Of course, we hope you never will need to use these services. If you do, contact us for employee assistance programs. We are available to support you and your staff at difficult times.

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