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Conflict Management and Resolution

conflict management - business man and woman with conflicting communicatons Conflict management and conflict resolution services are provided by Alliance Consulting's Conflict Solution Services Program.

The Conflict Solution Services Program is a future focused approach that will guide employees to achieve creative solutions to conflict management and bring resolution to the conflict. Contract with Conflict Solution Services in cases where two or more parties have a conflict over the direction of a project, the use or management of resources, or to deal with interpersonal conflicts. We will meet with each party and identify their needs and interests and how he/she may have contributed to the problem. After a series of 1-3 meetings, agreements are made resulting in an end of the conflict.

Conflict Resolution in Work Teams

It is not uncommon to encounter the development of conflicts or polarized viewpoints within work teams. Conflict resolution in work teams is essential to maintain high productivity levels. Similar to the process with small groups, individual meetings uncover the needs and interests of each team and the team members' perspectives as to the roots of the conflict are identified. A series of meetings identifies the common ground as well as the sources of conflict; viable solutions are crafted and bench marks for success and accountability are established.

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